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Please note, some vendor list links tend to expire, so please send us an email if you experience this and we will be happy to replace any expired links. 

How to use our vendor lists:

Our vendor lists consist mostly of company websites. On these sites, you may see items at the original price. In this case, scroll down the page. Most vendors will have the words WHOLESALE or WHOLESALE INQUIRY at the bottom of their page. Click on this to sign up/register to receive wholesale pricing. If you do not see anything on the vendor’s page about wholesale. You will 10/10 see a page to contact the vendor. This is usually CONTACT US. Under this page, send an email to the vendor. Introduce yourself, briefly state your business and what you are interested in. 

Like this:

Hello my name is ____. I will be launching my 3D mink strip lash business on October 21st 2022. I am primarily interested in your 3D mink lash options and lash applicators. I would also like my logo printed on the lash box. Can you please inform me of your pricing options?

Thank you for your purchase!

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